American Bison - Traveler Bag


American Bison - Traveler Bag

  • Hand-Cut
  • Hand-Punched
  • Hand-Stitched
  • Hand-Pounded Rivets
  • Includes Crossbody AND Backpack Straps
  • Made from 6oz Olivet American Bison Leather
  • Solid Brass Hardware

Bag Size - 13"x10"x6" 
Pouch Size (3 Pouches) - 6"x4.5"x2"

What we could do to make this bag cheaper...

  • We could use a mid-grade, highly produced leather. We are using Premium American Bison from an artisan tannery on this bag
  • We could use cheaper hardware. Our hardware is sand-casted, solid brass. There is over $100 worth of brass on this bag
  • We could use a sewing machine. We instead saddle-stitch by hand. You cannot duplicate the strength of a hand-stitching with a machine


The Build Process