Dress Belt - English Bridle

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Made from the same Veg-Tanned, English Bridle Leather as our Casual Belt, the 1 - 1/4" thickness on this belt is more compatible with dress pants and compliments a dress shirt if you ever need to get fancy. Dress Belts also have a more elongated, pointed end for extra style. 

Get It Personalized with a Special Message!
Your message will be engraved permanently on the inside of the belt. A unique, high-quality gift that will last

ATTENTION: How to Correctly Choose Your Belt Size
Your pant size is not your actual waist size; this is the only way to fit a belt properly. 

  1. Measure the belt from the most used hole to where the buckle and the strap meet. This number is the measurement you want to choose when ordering.
  2. We will use this measurement as the center hole, and there will be three (3) holes on each side for adjustment.


Leather: USA Sourced English Bridle Leather
Buckle: Sand Cast, Solid Brass
Width: 1.25" Dress Style
Belt Holes: Oval holes to prevent puckering of leather