Large Tote In Crazy Horse Pull Up Leather


Crazy Horse leather was hands down the market favorite last summer. It's hard to come by at times, but we have a couple of hides in stock.   

The leather has a rustic look and is incredibly durable. Our stuff is made to use, not to pamper. Throw it around, take it to the woods, take it to the pool. It can handle what you can throw at it. 

Leather Details

Type: Crazy Horse Leather
Color: Brown / Tan Pull Up
Tannery: Tasman
Origin: Maine
Species: Cattle

Bag Specs
Hand Cut, Hand Punched, Hand Hammered Rivets
Stitching: Machine Stitched
Bag Size: 18" x 14"
Pocket Size:  9" x 8"
Bottom Width: 5.5"
Strap Length: 11" Drop

Hand Hammered, Solid Brass rivets